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Connect hand to hand
Converse heart to heart
Together where you stand
Separated or apart
Speak it, breathe it,
Post it, share it
Believe it, receive it
Host it, prepare it
It's the name above
It's time name below
It's the name of love
It's the name to know
Jesus, Jesus for every situation
Jesus again for every circumstance
Jesus spread out into every nation
Jesus holds it all in nail pierced hands
Not by worry, not by fear
That's what man's predictions bring
But Christ like faith lets you hear
The victorious hymn the angels sing
The alpha and the omega
The beginning and the end
With the Father as creator
Now with you as a friend
Jesus, the cure and the antidote
Jesus, the balm in Gilead
Jesus, more than a religious quote
Jesus protector over everything we have
His peace he will give you
And not like the worlds give
In peace you can live too
In His peace truly live
Faith comes by hearing
Hearing comes by His word
Take faith to the fearing
Go spread what you've heard

J. Moore

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