Mark Sinnis Lyrics

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It was a cold dark night
And Billy went out for a ride
Ride oh Billy ride
He’s riding faster
To free his clouded mind
Ride oh Billy ride

From a town he came
On a frost road in the rain
He couldn’t see
What lies ahead
From afar
Billy could not see a car
That struck him
And left him for dead

As Billy laid there in a ditch
He saw a train pull in the station
And it looked so peaceful and warm
He could see all the people
Start to board the train
And he started
Walking towards the door

As he got closer to the train
He could hear his dead Daddy
Calling him from the great beyond
He said if you get on that train
You ain’t never coming back
He said Billy don’t get on the train

As Billy laid there in the night
Surrounded by the light
He kept on
Walking towards the door
The train looked so peaceful
And Billy wanted more
Faster and faster he walked

As much as Billy tried
Something held him back
As he kept on
Walking towards the door
Billy ran out of time
As the train left the station
And Billy he lived to tell his story