Walk With Grandma

I want to walk with Grandma,

Her hand firmly holding mine,

We'll walk across the golden beach,

We'll play in the sunshine.

I want to walk with Grandma,

We'll go and buy some penny treats,

She will let me have a handful now,

And I'll save the rest for after tea.

I want to walk with Grandma,

To play in the children's park,

She'll push me as I squeal with glee,

Then we'll head off before it gets dark.

I want to walk with Grandma,

And do the things we did before,

But things are not yet normal,

We hardly go out the door.

Infact I have not seen my Grandma,

For getting on three weeks,

Everybody tells me there's a virus,

And we're waiting for its peak.

But I am just a child,

And I don't really understand,

All I know is I miss my Grandma,

And I long to hold her hand.

The grown ups tell me to be patient,

So I draw pictures of us instead,

I hang them up on the fridge,

I have one hung up above my bed.

I dream of when I walk with Grandma,

Of the hug for her I have saved,

But for now mummy says to just hold on,

And so I keep on being brave.

Vicki Wroe, (C)

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Walk With Grandma

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