You're Not There

You're Not There
Too often the past comes creeping back,
In memories, flashbacks, dreams,
You're suddenly drowning in memories,
Deafened by your silent screams.

Wondering back to the darkest times,
Watching it like its on repeat,
Shouting at yourself to leave,
But you don't move off your seat.

You watch with clasped fingers,
Your heart thumping in your chest,
It's like watching yourself on Tv,
without having a fastforward button to press.

A simple sound can take you back,
A smell, a sight, a taste,
It pings you back and your mind wonders,
If you have the strength it takes.

You got out of the situation once,
Are you strong enough to do it again?
Can you free yourself from the hell,
That you swore you'd never feel again?

Do you see a way to escape?
Can you run away once more?
Is there an exit anywhere?
Can you find an open door?

Sometimes you feel helpless,
As your mind becomes a jail,
Can you climb your way out?
Or has your body become too frail?

Only you can know the answer,
You know this journey well,
The fight back to the present is only yours,
It's your strength that can bring you back from hell.

And if you manage to get back here again,
Try to stop sitting in that chair,
The past can no longer haunt you,
For you're no longer there!

Vicki Wroe, 29 (C)

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You`re Not There

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