Broken Soul

Somewhere deep inside of her,
Lays the girl she once knew,
A beacon of strength who could not be broken,
No matter what life put her through.

A pillar of strength with claws of steel,
A fire within her soul,
A solider of life she fought her way,
With ambition and a goal.

To never give up when life was tough;
To use the strength she'd gained,
Determined to always fight for the truth,
Whenever anyone tried to trash her name.

Her outlook was fresh, her ambitions high,
Somehow inside she always knew,
That her thirst to succeed would get her there,
Her wings would always ensure she flew.

She quite enjoyed the thought of challenge,
Never doubted her inner strength,
She always thought her own ambition,
Would follow wherever she went.

Though nowadays somethings have changed,
She feels like she's lost herself somewhere,
Challenges that once excited her,
Now leave her short of air.

Her confidence is lacking,
Her inner fight is gone,
the light she thought she carried,
is no longer shining on.

Her heart is feeling heavy,
Her fights have taken their toll,
The soldier she once thought she was,
Is now a lost and broken soul.

Vicki Wroe, 29 (c)

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Broken Soul

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