Trying To Be Loved

Trying To Be Loved
she doesn't go through life with closed eyes,
She doesn't walk with her head bowed,
She doesn't live to please other people,
she doesn't stand out from the crowd.

She is not the bubbles in the champagne,
Nor is she the sunshine in the sky,
She sometimes feels like life is a spider's web,
And she's the struggling, defenseless fly.

She never asks anything of anyone,
Except for respect and to be respected,
She treats people how she would like to be treated,
She doesn't think that's too much to be expected?

She wears her heart upon her sleeve,
She is the 1st to give her last pound,
She'll bend over backwards to help somebody,
Yet her own needs are left on the ground.

She trusts people too easily,
She often finds she is mislead,
She sees the good in people too easily,
And end up hurt and used instead.

She is just a young loving person,
She gives more than she gets,
She'd give them her jacket in the rain,
Whilst they stand and watch her getting wet.

She sees the good in everybody,
Yet nobody sees the good in her,
Unless she has something that they want,
Nobody ever puts her first.

Maybe if she learned to love herself ,
Instead of looking for the love from others ,
She would learn to speak her mind at last,
And stop being used when they need a cover.

She is worth a million more,
She just needs to believe,
That with a bit of self confidence and self esteem;
She has her own ambitions to achieve.

Vicki Wroe, 29 (C)

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Trying To Be Loved

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