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An end to Eden


I can see how things may work, I can

Easily see how man might see God in

Everything, and yet in the beginning it

Was probably God who saw everything

In man. Investing heavily in the notion

Of a caretaker, a custodian, who would

Love the earth, nurture the earth, and

Above all, play a major role in its future

Prosperity and well-being.


It is not hard to see why the beauty of

Mankind was so attractive, nor is it hard

To see how a benevolent landlord might

Be drawn into believing that the kindly

Spirit resident in one, would necessarily

Be resident in the other. Only time would

Tell, and time has most assuredly told.


Do we think that we’re the masters?

Where we there when time began?

Did the power that made the universe

Need the meddling of man? Did the

Wave that washed a town away, or

A hurtling meteorite, think to consult

Man or beast as to who shall live or



No, I didn’t think so, but pray please

Tell me when, we’ll realize we’re the

Guests here, not the be-all and the

End? Our tenure far from certain, our

Rights not writ in stone, but a warning

It must surely be: ‘Stay safe and stay

At home’.


© Joseph G Dawson