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Our Nigel

Our Nigel sits in Europe
Expense claims to the fore
All the time screaming
Open up the Brexit door.
And our Nigel demanded
If the referendum didn't go his way
If less than seven percent was the difference
There should be a another referendum day.

When much too his surprise
He won by five percent
It seems his previous remarks
Just weren't seriously meant
Just like 365 billion that
Suddenly wasn't  really there
So not available for the
Much needed NHS repair

For our Nigel really is
Quite a bit of a chancer
Skirting between truth and lies
Like a high wire dancer.
And with his Euro income
About to disappear
And Nigel soon to be
Chucked out on his ear

When his euro gravy train
Comes to its complete stop
You can bet one way or another
Old Nige will bounce back on top.
So come on Nigel and your gang
Get us Isolated  as a State
Though truly I'm not convinced
Its the way to remake Britain Great.

So with his eye on the main
Our Nigel's made the jump
Brexit being secondary to
Kissing the arse of Trump.
You have to admit
Our Nige is a real tryer
As well as being such
A truly accomplished liar.

With his Euro goose
Cooked and gone
For sure our Nige will
Soldier on
Go back maybe to
Being a banker
A fitting fate for such
A first class wanker.

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