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There is nobody to blame

There is nobody

There is nobody to blame for the way people are. I'm just glad not everyone is the same. There is nobody who isn't struggling. Most are sad; miserable, full of anger and fear. Taking it out on or using other people, just causing pain wherever they go.
There is nobody around when the happy and positive people start to drown. They don't make much sound and carry the weight of the world around. They keep everyone happy and help anyway they can, because to feel what they feel they don't want you to ever understand. There is nobody to blame for their silence, to struggle and do it alone is all they've known.
There is nobody to blame when people are hurt, words misinterpreted or actions made. We choose our reaction , and how we feel will be faded. Some people choose to carry it around never letting go, and dragging everyone down. Still more take it out on the others manipulation and mind games. Because they think they're smart using and abusing everyone making them all play apart of their rancid game.
There is nobody to blame for the few wonderful people who fall prey to the others. There will be a day when their kind and sensitive nature will be rewarded. When they find another in kind. Some get lucky and find one or two, others are surrounded by quite a few. Still some have been through too much and don't know how to treat someone who is similar to them.
There is nobody to blame for the people are. Everyone chooses how they act and who they really are.
HRS. afallinrose. 04/26/20

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There is nobody to blame