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Halfpenny moment

One time
Fifteen years of age, strolling down the Whiterock road.
Paused by the gates of my old school, left it one month ago.
Put my hand in my pocket, one halfpenny there, remembered
as my halfpenny moment, happiest time I remember.

Who would have thought that, halfpenny moment would
remain with me throughout my life, 73 now, seems it was yesterday
that, halfpenny moments happened. Gotta say or rather think
it was and truly remains one of my happiest memories.

Strange to think with all the money around and abounding today
one halfpenny would remain such a joyous memory. No worry
about money had plenty in that halfpenny moment. Nowadays
too much reliance upon having plenty of money, one half penny- enough.

Where did I go that day, wandered on down past my old school.
Came to the junction of the falls rd and whiterock rd. Then what,
don't know only remember the halfpenny moment,
wandered on down st James rd past my old street.

Though for all and whatever time i have left to me that, moment
I shall carry with me onwards into whatever life's hold, no regrets
in always bearing in mind my one most profound moments
of untold happiness, turning that halfpenny around in my trouser pocket.

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Halfpenny moment