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Out there

Out there
Write in your own style live in your own space
nobody need tell you what to do.
Do your own thing, let nothing interfere
it's your way or the highway,remember
the one who says do this, do that,most
assuredly has done nothing only teach.

Thinking outside your own style stifles
the way you write and the consequences
are you stop writing, thinking I'm not doing this properly.
Forget so called right and wrong
go down your own road, let no stop the urge to write.
Remember those who can-do,
those who think they know better-teach.

Lot of education about, lots of qualifications abound
but,creativity is no were to be found.
Don't walk away from the so called smart people,
instead run, run like the wind is sweeping
you away from their morbidity.
Let no one tell you you're wrong,
you're writing in your own style.

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Out there