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The deep and deafening sound of our total existence rings so perfectly clear,
Making the most pleasurable sound in my left ear,
I know you hear it too..the sound of the connection my dear.
Just one simple touch will set everything off…I can barely fight the intricate feeling…
Going up..and then down my spine,
I know you feel it too in your pipe line,
How long is it going to be before we can say to each other "mine!"
Just waiting to get that long awaited sign,
Being patient as I keep hearing " in time."
Haunting each other dreams constantly and always abruptly,
Mmm what we want and crave is so delicious and felt so bluntly,
How bad do you want it?...I know you’re beyond  hungry!
Thirsty even more starving,
Ready to crack me open and lay comfortably in my secret garden.
The rush…
The feeling…
The sweetest anticipation I have ever felt,
I am different from any cards you’ve ever been dealt.
Umm maybe you can straighten me out with your belt!
Take your time to explore,
Don’t hold back...I've been waiting for you to show me more!
How long can you still put it off? Mmm I know you want to soar!
Come swim in my peace and be free...of course we can also make each other sore!
Mmm I’m sorry..my bad,
I forgot my manners…
I am just getting impatient but deep down I just want to be your private dancer.
I promise I’ll be good if you can grant my wish,
I bet you I’ll be your favorite dessert dish!
Go right ahead and smirk....better yet lick those lips,
Our adventure has just started if you make the worthwhile trip.

To be continued…???

Copyright Ⓒ 2020

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