Broken Past

1 minute its bliss,
Happiness at last,
This time you wont end up,
In situations like the past.

No more empty promises to be promised,
No more heartbreak to be had,
No more lies being spoken,
No more reasons to be sad.

You've already had the liar,the cheat,
You've even had the gambling one,
You've been the silenced committed partner,
Who stayed when hope had gone.

You have done your second guessing,
Lying in bed awake at night,
Promising that there wont be a next time,
Convinced this time you're right.

You swear you'll see the red flags,
You know you'll see the signs,
This time you now you're really seeing,
This time you're no longer blind.

You swear you'll do things different,
You set your aims up higher,
Because to go through all of this again,
Would be like going from the chip pan to the fire.

And this time you believe in yourself,
You're no longer someone you don't know,
Girl it's time to reclaim your sparkle,
And let your true personality show.

No longer cut with wounds of history,
No longer looking into the broken glass,
Now you have the opportunity,
To walk away from the broken past.

Vicki Wroe, 30 (C)

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Broken Past

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