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Written by Stella  Mitchell
April 2020


The air seems clear and cleaner now -
As if the atmosphere has travelled through a giant 
Pressure shower - where all the grime and slurry has
Been washed away - and taken with it all the hurry - stress
And cares - that daily harrass - and perplex mankind each day 
Could  this reflect - though dim our eyes - a tiny glimpse of
Eden - and  that Garden fair - when all was pure - where 
That first man and woman - walked with God - in
Pristine - perfect - and untainted air .

I wonder - could it ever be - the very 
Earth is crying now - because of man's 
Apparant selfishness - and inhumanity - where
Death - destruction -  hate - and greed - have broken
Down the  basic fabric of  all decency - and left it
Gasping for  the very oxygen  it  needs - to 
Thrive and breath - without a mask - that
Covers - to protect us from the viruses
And germs - that now unseen - 
Abound - unsheathed .

I wonder - Could this ever be ?

As I reflect - I wonder now - if God Himself is
Saying to us  - Stop - you've gone too far - as
You have built your towers and  your alters to your
Many gods - that in your blindness to the Truth -
And lust for power - have choked  the very 
Life-blood from the hearts of men - they
Seek to conquer - and devour .

Could this well be ?

But - let us not despair  - my friends - for
There is hope - deep within this valley of the 
Shadows - where death and evil seem to flourish
Everywhere - take heart - the Shepherd - still is in 
Control - and He knows we are here - He will not leave 
Us to the wolves - that lurk to kill - steal and destroy - so -
Let our faith in God arise - my friends - believing - He 
Will save us - and restore our lives - and lead
Us to still waters - and to pastures green -
And fresher - cleaner - germ free - air .

Yes - fearful - anxious - trembling hearts - 
Look up - and see our Glorious King still reigns 
Supreme - and He still loves this broken - sin-filled 
World - and lost humanity - and He has made a Way -
Out of the shadowlands of death - along a narrow 
Way - that led to Calvary - where Jesus Christ 
Has conquered Death and Hell - and Lives 
Now - to redeem all those who turn to
Him - in true humility .

So -  turn now - my  friends -
Receive Him as your Lord and God - and
Then -  you'll  know  His heart of Love - and
Tender care - and live - with Him - for 
All Eternity .....

So - Turn and Live .


I wrote this poem only a few days ago in light of the 
current Pandemic that has turned this world upside down
and inside out . Many have been shaken to the very core of
their beings and are full of fear and anxiety about their future ,
and many sadly, have died from this dreadful virus .  But,  I believe ,
in the midst of this situation , God is trying to get our attention . He 
 is not the instigator of this evil that is causing such chaos and misery
in the world , that is Satan , and man's sinful nature , that have brought
this horror about .... but God .... who Loves us so much, wants
us to turn back to Him in repentance of our sins , and then 
receive His forgiveness  and healing , of our lives , and 
that of our nations .

I pray many will hear His voice of love calling to them
in the darkness  , and turn back to Him .

God bless and keep you and give 
you His peace .

With His love 


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