Word From Our Father 2020 (first written down in 2009 for now!)

2020 - Word From Our Father in Heaven

"You are my people
You know who you are.
You are my People.
A Nation that will sing of my Glory."
My Lord said, "write these things that are faithful and true.
"My heart is that all be saved.
...from the torment of the lies of the world;
from the false illusions of grandure
...that are the gateway to destruction.
Look for the light-
...I will shine in the dark places.
I will reach in the painful places with a ray of hope.
I will pull you out of the dungeon of darkness.
I will dance with you in a the "son"shine of day.
Do not be sesnitized by the trickery of the flesh,
-but be raised to the spirit of truth.
Do not walk in a box with blinders.
Open your eyes and see what is good.
Taste of my sweet Truth
Walk out of darkness into light.
And know I am with you; you are not alone.
I will send you your helper.
You will know my voice.
It will set you free when you hear and obey.
Do not lie to yourself.
Be willing to face the truth.
The truth that sets you free.
Be ready for change.
That which you have clung to
...be ready to change it.
Seek me delignetly and you will find me.
...for I am the way truth and life.
By my life you live and breath.
The taste of my love will satisfy you
...like nothing ever could.
Seek me continually.
I will add all to you that the enemy-the liar has taken from you."

Father Papa and Almighty God of the Universe
written down by Judylea
(first written down in 2009 for now)