Soldiers Beast

Soldiers everywhere how they gave their lives
Men and women who go to other countries they do not know
Holding on to their faith
A prayer not for themselves but their families
Ask the questions that dance in their heads
How and why could we do that hurting others as of mankind
We were taught not to do so
Goes against of what they know
The Beast that lies inside tell them otherwise
Hold on to my tail and I will show you when the time is right
Don't say a word and I will be here by your side
The Beast that lays dormant only when you call my name
No One Knows My Name only when you are at War
How I sleep with in your mind
I will unleash when it is time when
You go home I'll still be there within
How I lurk inside your mind
No one can nor will understand until they hold my mane and tail
Then you will see my face bringing back those memories of what was of yesteryear
But still lurk when I hear my name Only wishing to cage or calm the Beast to lead a normal life
Those who come into our lives that Beast scares them away
That is the price for freedom and victory

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