It's All In My Head

        ^^^ Actions Speak louder ^^^

Actions speak louder than words is something I've
always believed to be true, however I jus learned that
Sometimes people dont act on how they feel
instead they do what they think they're supposed
to do..
I know that people can Say anything at anytime,
However I've always believed that their Actions will
show you what's really on their mind..
So if I believe half of what I hear an now
not much of what I see, I still wont be able to
Understand the truth in the words that you tell me..

Written by: Kelly Rich
April 2, 2020

With a Special Dedication
To an amazing friend of mine
Bubba, AKA John Chezem,

You have been a true friend when I had nobody
ta turn to, I can never repay you but I'll never
forget you.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

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