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Lockdown Blues Part 6: Cool Carl

It's Thursday night and as
The hour of eight  arrives
We show support for NHS
And Carers daily risked lives.
We all stand apart and clap
From our paths and drives
Checking on the neighbours
Glad to see they're still alive.

After a just few minutes,
Our Clap-a-Thon complete,
We all  go back inside and
Leave a bare empty street.
Cool Carl the Cat Burglar
Will have used this slot,
Used those few minutes
That he knows he's got.

Some poor resident will
Find some valuables gone
Cool Carl has quickly struck
And just as quickly moved on.
It's always the same in this
Age of avarice and Greed
There are so many around who
Take far more than they need.

They like it that we clap
In gratitude for life
While they so very quietly
Stick in their sharp knife.
For while we're all clapping
Like the proverbial chump
They'll take what they can
After selling stuff to Trump.

Cool Carl risks doing time
Inside, a hazard of his trade:
Our Ruling Classes just steal
Thanks to rules they've  made.
One set  for the poor,
One set  for the rich,
It's ever been the way, for,
Life can be such a bitch

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