The Unfairness Of Angels
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I Don't know what brought me to this arena of life

Was it a need for more or the lust for greed?

It felt I was running my finger across a knife

to see if it would bleed

The ultimate form of self-harm.

Is to risk everything in a blink to chance

to see that dream within your palm

And lose yourself within that trance

I found myself at the greatest stage

They're were all here, cheering me on

Hope, love, empathy, honesty and rage

this is a place where I belonged

relationships, work family prosperity

All sat around this table, watching every move

but the dealer, the dealer , is all of your anxiety

who knows there's lot more rough than the smooth

The first card is like your fate in tarot

praying not for a two or six five

You feel your windpipe narrow

That split second you're in the afterlife

then it happens, the Devils tricks

you look at that card that makes your heart sink

you hear the groans and sighs, as your dealt a six

It could all be over in just a blink

The dagger goes into your stomach. twists and turns

As the dealer shows a their card… it's a queen

You lose herself in her beauty and it burns

I beg to my false God, that this is all a dream

then the miracle happens, my next card is a four

giving you the power of 10, you're back in the game

Hope is now washed up upon the shore

You twist fates arms but it only beings you shame

As Satan's not done with his tricks

The ground soon becomes like sand

As I'm dealt yet another 6

My mind spins so fast trying to understand

what brought me here why has luck disowned me

Invisible hands plunge into my chest, ripping everything out

Leaving you with only guilt, sorrow and misery

I scream, a merciless scream "What's all this about?"

16, Sweet 16, what do I do

hope that the dealer's number is low?

if only you knew

So, I twist and give it another go

And there before me, it stares back, alive!

All those positive emotions begin to flow

as you're dealt the immortal gem, that is a five

21, 21, the whole-body Bellows "21!"

The number you've been aiming for this entire time

surely? Surely! Finally, it's come to this, I've won

The huge relief breathes out your mouth "surely I'll be fine?"

but then the dealer…… … flips their next card

And the weight of the world slaps you in the face

all the negativity built up in my life hits me so hard

I hear the gasp behind me, then silence…….

All I can do is stare…….. at the ace

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