Mind Games

Mind Games.

Here we go round in circles,
Around and around and around,
Now is my chance to stop this carousel,
And get my feet back on the ground.

You insist on making it keep turning,
You insist on it going faster,
But I need to just bite the bullet,
Think of it as ripping off a plaster.

Your mind games don't work on me anymore,
I'm finally seeing the light,
And even though I know the truth,
You still try convincing me its still night.

You try to tell me I'm crazy,
That the issues aren't with you, it's me,
But you forget you did the same thing before,
To the ex who then broke free.

You tried to make out she was the problem,
Because it never could be you,
All the little ways and means,
To help you do the things you do.

And I see so much of me in her,
And I see her as my inspiration,
She saw through you as did I,
And became my source of information.

And yet you still insist its her,
Only now I'm added to the list,
For your mind games and deconstruction,
Are what make you a narcissist.

So take your childish persona,
And use it on someone new,
Because the mind games that you once played,
Have shown me the real you.

Vicki Wroe, 30. (C)

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Mind Games

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