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Crisis Resolution, 2020 UK Style

It started  in the remoteness of China,,
Worst pandemic for a hundred years,
Marching quickly across the world
Stirring anxiety and primitive fears,
Straight across all of Europe
With ever mounting death tolls.
The UK  enforced their lockdown,
And people hoarded toilet rolls.

The Health and Care people and
Essential workers in other spheres
Bravely carried on their professions
Daily suppressing anxiety and tears
The British House of Commons
With no desire to placate or please
Operated in virtual session proposing
A National  Health workers pay freeze.

So much for clapping on the street
In supposed support and gratitude.
Hard for people to understand such
An austere, penny pinching attitude.
That Laurel and Hardy of world
Politics, Donald Trump and BoJo
Faced condemnation for lack of
Action with cries for them to go.

And the readers of the Sun and
Their Equivalent in foreign lands
Cried fraud and 5G conspiracy as
They stuck their heads in the sands.
The Social Media Warriors fought
With arguments, and split reactions
Thus dissipating their energies and
Ensuring no useful protest actions.

The capitalists in power,
Fearful of  their wealth
Giving little thought for
The lower classes health
And playing on the necessity of
The common man to work and earn
Urged early return to normalcy
Convinced the worm wouldn't turn.

That's how the situation stands as
The pandemic maybe starts to slow
And very soon we expect we'll be
Called  to return to  all systems go.
Maybe there was just the chance
Of a more equitable solution
If we had all stood together to call
For a far reaching social revolution.

5g is still coming as our nation
Regains  its very heart and soul
But the crisis was averted as  
They produced more toilet roll.
And out  Land of Hope and Glory
Will soon be back on track
We'll wave two fingers to Europe
And have our feudal country back.

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