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Contest of Quills

Contest of Quills
I'm proud to say I'm the Best Poet I know
and how all my words have a Golden Glow.
This was something I was born with I didn't learn it in school.
And I'm not bound to any particular style or rule.
My poems all come out as their own creations
and are generally geared to a multitude of sensations.
Sensations of Life, Spirituality, Duty, Country and Love.
Along with Praise to our Father in the Heavens Above.
There have been some as I made different transitions
That covered my PTSD, Bipolar and suicidal conditions.
But now I'm free from that deep and dark well.
Thank God for the medications that freed me from Hell.
Back to me being the Best Poet I know
if that sounds pompous I'm down for a show.
Let's sit back and match Quill for Quill
Not for a Bounty just for the thrill.
If you want to find me and toss your hat in the ring.
Go to the "Poetry Worth Reading" group on Facebook and let your Quill Sing...
Stanley Victor Paskavich/
Disabled USAF TSGT

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Contest of Quills