Why Doesn't She Just Leave?!

Another broken promise,
Another broken heart,
Another trip down memory lane,
It wasn't like this at the start.

Instead of sorrow there was joy,
Instead of tears was laughter,
Instead of dreading the coming future,
She thought she'd found her happily ever after.

Now she feels trapped,
Like she's been locked up in a cage,
Treading carefully on the eggshells around her,
Hoping to avoid his bubbling rage.

People ask her why stays,
Why she doesn't pack up and leave,
They can see he's strangling her,
Leaving her with no oxygen to breathe.

To her she is not a victim,
To her this has become the norm,
And whilst she's facing him every day,
She doesn't know how to escape the storm.

He has shattered her self confidence,
Convinced her she has no choice,
He's trampled all over her self esteem,
And he's become her inner voice.

She believes she would have nowhere to go,
No home, no love, no cash,
He convinces her she has no future,
And he will reduce her to a pile of ash.

She worries who will come along next,
If she was to pack up and go,
To meet someone new and go through it all again,
It's a case of better the devil you know.

So when you ask her why she doesn't leave,
Why it is not so black and white,
Just remember it's a never ending spiral,
Which she feels, has no end in sight.

Vicki Wroe, (C)

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Why Doesn`t She Just Leave?!

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