She dances in bright colors.

Surrounding entirely in her world of limn,
She swirls around, and around in bright colors.
She dances in the silvery moonlight's sky.
With sparkling diamonds of heavenly stars
twinkling brightly in her eyes. She is one
special maiden who wears no disguise. There
is stardust in her eyes.

Her multi colored dress is made uniquely with
limn's powerful energy. Alas their were no
witnesses to see. She was completely transformed
into a multi colored and sparking hurricane.
But she became a supernatural phenomenon.
Observable throughout our entire nation.
Venerated by our entire population.

She did not become transformed into a natural
destructive force of nature. She once was a
phenom. And a very gifted and talented one.
But her multi-colored dress was filled with
electricity. Her body's essence attracting a
super nova. Dissolving her molecularity's
structure. She dances eternally in bright colors!

Love as always,
Roxanne Lea Dubarry
Roxy Lea 1954
Roxy 1954/ October Country
poetry site 111/3385
May 25, 2020

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She dances in bright colors.