Here's to the muse

The aimless muse may have been aimless.
Though the muse herself portrayed herself
As quite nameless. Her writing amazing almost famous
Im her kinn she priceless an shameless
Her point you may see is family an knowledge
They are almost everything.
Wisdom is over looked I. This day in age
If you haven't read it online there's
Absolutely no possible way for it to be true
The muse herself had passed on too
The next energyplane her light shot right through
Her talent mi e to inherit as I've done so well
Through me she still writes on

To all of those who knew the aimless muse...
My mother Roni she passed away without
Any warning on July 12 2017

This is the first peice I've placed on my sight
In more years than that but then again a
Was she my muse was I hers won't know till
We reconnect inspiration to all

Raven says light the net up inspire eachother

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Here`s to the muse

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