Fallen Angel

Neath deep dark waters rebellious angels were bound;
Twas ages ago, but they have not been found.
Yet ever and anon strange disappearances take place;
People who vanish with nary a trace.

A curious pattern has been noted about those vanished,
And I wonder if the unsuspecting found the angels long banished.
"The Devil's Triangle" is a most appropriate name,
Where perhaps fallen angels dwell in shame.

Bound to this spot for spawning Niphillim on mortals
Drawing their strength from nether spawned portals.
Bound to this spot till the end of the age,
How they must howl and scream their rage!

Now they lurk in darkest depths and tide,
Seething in anger as they grudgingly hide
Awaiting mortals to foolishly enter their abode,
As their bindings chafe like a stinging goad.

Throughout the ages countless ships and planes entered this place,
Perhaps discovering too late this long fallen race.
Imagine their horror upon realizing their gruesome fate;
Playthings of demons and their undying hate.

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Fallen Angel