Professor Felix B. Baccay (1916-1993)

I am not a richer nor I a luminary in terms of figurative personification but my allegorical verses can let one realize the deepest context of your inner status, Lolo Eleng. You were always there whenever tribulation or affliction came pouring in you were a great man that we are authentically proud of.
I still ponder the times when I was at the lowest ebb of my life you divulged I must not quit for sure thus bringing out the best in me. Sundry mocked me with malicious lopsidedness judging me beforehand but you stood by me and no matter what, you were so appreciative of my literary inclination.
I reminisce the moment I won the very first monologue competition I joined in down memory lane to my being a TCMC and Baguio City scholar, editor-in-chief. You were so proud of me giving exordium to everyone, "This is my APO," thereby encouraging me to go on for a broader horizon.
Your prerogative, conviction and versatility guided us all throughout, Lolo as we still recall your laughter, counsel, words of wisdom and affection. To recapitulate, all of us in the family are grateful for all you did for making us what we are today I bet no poet can ever disclose my happiness
- Published in Self-Disclosure 1999

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Professor Felix B. Baccay (1916-1993)