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Ride your horse with confidence don't turn

back and be frightened when you

found the trail of fury and excitement,

hurry! complete your ride going beyond

your limitations of achievement, and goals

of successful atonement.


Once you pass the line of contentment you

will know how easy it was, to find and

accomplish, your test of strength, persistence

and determination, when you never gave

yourself credit, you could achieve, this task

with ease and assurance.


You've run too far in the wrong direction

losing your way purposely with fear as

your favorite companion, then you listened

to your heart, returning with strength, power

like Hercules, to pass darkness, of disappointment

drawing you toward a road that would have collapsed

as you traveled upon it with no returning.


Easy enough my clever voice speaks within

you listen, you learn, and you'll never pass

the trail of unseen truths, your sounds are

limited to your heart's attention, so listen

and be attentive, and your hurts will be

gifts of happiness, not lessons to be taught

by a foolish soul.


Your horse needs nourishment, to carry

you to your destination, so think of his

needs carrying you upon his back, thirsty

hungry, trying to keep his strength to bring

you to your happy place, you almost missed

carelessly, not using your mind and imagination

to listen to the spirit that lives within you



Remember! Listen to the silence, that

speaks in a tone only you can here.



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