Kindness reeks from your smile
Where in the hell are you
Is far from me
I shall faint knowing
I let you expire
On my email thang
Dead in the mailbox of electronic waves I could have saved you from a life too lonely perhaps
It is craps I play throwing dice your way
Awaiting number seven
Like heaven will open
Like your mouth for my tongue
Or eight come again
Eight as the wait for you will be done
Parking meter off
And I have no coins
Expired I fired myself from you
Since email would not do for communication
I was not ready for any man then perhaps
I lapse now into a with whipping cream
Somehow all over
Your lower half
And I laugh in fond delight
The middle of this night
As it is your smile
Your arms
You awhile
And your charms
Bowling me over but
You give me no permission
To be your lover
So if you rule
I must say
I am a fool to be lead
By a man
That probably looks at what I write
And shakes his head
That this old girl
With a lock can lock you out
Not even to be a friend
Just pretend you're here
And be delighted
Wronged or righted
By a Master Sir
Does it really matter
If you say nothing to me
As I am already her
My hunky man
Do you understand I need your permission
As the condition
Of your love bug
It invades my body so bad
I cry out to you
I shout
Give me an answer
But no answer do I see
So I just go to baseline again
Forgetting about us my friend
Until tomorrow sir
Remember I will be her
Always change
Never same
As same old thing is appealing
I want the comfort of your skin on mine
But no talking back
No divine
Guess I am going to write about you
Until I go to sleep
Oh well
Life is hell!

5/8/2020 0434 cj

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