Part of the dream

With regularity police choke, maim and shoot people on city streets as the president, govenors and mayors make promises they never keep,

Hypocrits truth slaying, no one listens to what the preacher man is saying, children being schooled by rappers and rhyme sayers,

Fat police, DA's and political game players, white boy with a gun Black church goers got done,

Classmates become fellow kiddie killers. The massacre of what could have become a future doctor lawyer or scholar 2nd Amended by the gun.

The psycho's way of killing time the recreational taking of lives. Candidates giving speeches on a need for gun control while they sell their souls ,

As government troops launch death dealing drones from remote controlled consoles, murder at home and abroad reigns supreme,

Hypocrisy is off the chain from Cali to Main. Is amerikkka Great Again or is this just the nightmare segment of the amerikkkan dream.

Habib baba Hasib

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Part of the dream