Time Check

Time Check
Pay me back when you have the time.
Time is as important as money, if not
more so. Let's look at what's owed and
see if we can sort out which is more important.

The amount in money may seem largest, the
time it took too achieve all the tasks needed
was rather a lot, time is as time does, it passes.
Difference between time and money, money remains constant.

My time, your time it may seem unimportant at times.
Though always each moment is lost to past times.
Where as money recedes then, builds up again.
Therefore time is more important than money.

Time wasted, time spent doing what you don't
need to do cannot be refunded that, leaves us
with one question should we spend time foolishly
or spurn people who demand time from us.

Logical says don't waste time on people but, logic
is lost in kindness, we need to give freely of our time
ask nothing in return for a kindness done, it always
comes back in it's own time, a helping hand held out.

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Time Check