White Power House

During his campaign and rise to political power

He promised to build a big beautiful wall. And he kept that promise.

He built a big black beautiful fence to encircle what he renamed

The Big White Power House.

And no one got paid to build it. Nor, did any Mexicans make any donations

The crew that he contracted to do the job was never paid.

Like so many others swindled by the former Swindler and Chief Thief

This is what has been reported to have occurred by various fake news agencies

From anonymous sources behind closed door secret sessions of testimony

Five stories beneath "The Big White Power House Floor"

On his hands and knees further away crawls the POTUS phoney

The frustrated Trumpster continues desparately to tunnel.

Brown shirted white supremacist militia groups backed up by active duty military

Are policing the streets of Washington D. C. were things have become more scary

As the cowardly nasty POTUS continues to execute his escape plan by

Descending deeper into fear delusional he imagines that the protestors are inching ever so near

Like a nasty fat worm he squirms and frantically digs even deeper.

Orange POTUS continues to bore through the White Power House subterrain

Like a gimlet even deeper into his subterranean bubble he crawls away totally and irreparably insane

From the massive protesting citizenry that he only sees as trouble

With Ivanka, Dumb and Dumber in tow down down down they go even deeper they tunnel

FLOTUS and young Barron are not anywhere to be found

Perhaps she was finally deported for not wanting to stick around

They burrow even deeper whispering in tones so low it all sounds muddled.

POTUS consulting with himself then self strategizing

The Secret Service is in a huddle completely befuddled now realizing

That it is time to abandon their post and plan their escape back to the surface

As POTUS grabs a female agent by the vagina

The Secret Service agents are now fully aware that this Dumpster of a man

And his accomplises have tunneled almost completely into mainland China.

The agents a bit rattled and obviously suffering from the insanity of their ordeal

Eventually made their way back from the subterranean to above ground level where they were debriefed

They told about their time with the self deposed Orange Devil and Chief.

At this juncture there will be no questions and therefore no answers.

Thank you very much for your time.

When we know more we will be getting that to you as soon as possible.

Have a nice day.

And oh, by the way

Former president of vice...

Spence has been sworn in.

Get ready for freak show part two.


Habib Abu Lateef

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White Power House