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Ah Ha Moment

Here it comes; hear it rage
The howling winds, the crashing waves
The boat is rocking once again
Fear is rising, spilling in
The sky is dark, the world is cold
The flesh is reaching, taking hold
World-wide, they feel it to
Nowhere to hide, nothing to do
Can't jump ship, can't go back
The sea too vast, too deep, too black
Where is Jesus; He was right there
Is He sleeping; doesn't He care?
In the bible He was in the boat
They could wake Him; there was hope
What am I to do today?
Find a pastor, get him to pray?
No time for that; let me see
Maybe Jesus will listen to me
How do I reach Him to see if He will?
Stop, think, breathe, and be still
Wait, that's it. That's all it takes
Speak the Words of Christ in faith
Peace, be still. Peace, be still
I'm in His care, safe in His will
The Spirit lives within me
I'm as safe as I can be
ďWhy so fearful?
How is it you have no faithĒ?
Peace, be still is all it takes

J Moore
MK 4: 37-41

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Ah Ha Moment