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It's  time we all stood up
To give a loud yes
And really proudly support
 Our amazing  NHS

They Labour away to
Repair or save lives
Often confronted  by
Thugs with knives.
Foul mouthed drunks
Offensive   little rats
And other forms
Of low life like that.

It's not  much support
Standing out to clap
When the  have to put up
With such offending crap
It's time we made it clear
Such behaviour is banned
Let's  have security staff with
Clubs  and tasers to hand.

Oh you may have to kill a few
To drive  the point home
But what loss to society  is
Such an intellectual gnome
Generations of the future
Will give grateful thanks
For removing such scum
From our gene banks.

Yes it's time we all should up
To give a loud yes
And really proudly
Support our amazing  NHS

This is tongue in cheek, but only slightly

I recently spent 2 hours in the Accident and Emergency Department of Hull Royal Infirmary, Sunday night to Monday Morning, amBank Holiday Weekend and during the Corvid 19 Pandemic.  Some of the behaviour I saw towards the staff was disgusting.
As a matter of information I had gone blind in one eye.  An Eye Specialist came in especially to treat me.  Within 36 hours I had 2 surgical procedures and. 3 weeks later, am we'll on the way to recovering at least some sight in that eye.  
Dedicated Staff from a service which is free at source.  Long live our N.H.S.  

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