Kill at Will

A child wanted to be a soldier. Needed to prove that he was brave. Knew not of life's purpose nor did he fear the grave.

By age sixteen he considered himself way to smart for school. Undaunted by danger and void of fear by age 17 he had become an army volunteer.

His military teachers taught him to dismiss the "Golden Rule." In service to the great shaytan he had become the ultimate tool.Disregarding moral values that his parents did instill he became an expert with the rifle and trained to kill at will.

He had a love affair with the M-16 rifle. He loved to shoot.He utilized it to fulfill his oath to establish Taughoot.

He courted war and war's drama and thrill addicted to the adrenaline rush the manhunt and the kill.He had no more goals in life.He had fulfilled his life long dream by becoming a sergeant by the tender age of eighteen.

Blood stained hands, blood splattered face, despicable standing before his Lord in a state of disgrace.

On his blood mosquitoes and leeches did feast. Plagued by snakes, rats, rnice, fleas and disease,

He trudged through rice paddy water up to his knees. He wanted it to end. He needed it to cease.

Misguided child no longer desired to play his role as the "World's Police."

Alcohol addicted, drug addicted, pimp, pillager, arsonist, ambusher, murderer of man, oman, animal and child.

His mis-spent youth had greatly aged him his face wore no smile.

By age nineteen without knowledge of Allah's Deen nor of "The World of The Unseen" he felt doomed to consume from the Tree of Zaqoom.

Because of his murderous deeds before age nineteen he felt himself worthy of the Fire of Jaheem.

Blood stained hands,
Blood splattered face,
Blood of the innocent upon his hands that no water can erase.
The battle field was his alma mater. At twentyone his only hope became Islam and the acceptance of shahadah.

Most appreciative to his Lord,
The All Seeing, the All Hearing,
the Acceptor of Repentance,
the Forgiver, the Most High,
the Eternal One, the Ever Living who cannot die.

To Him only is due PraiseGrateful to his Lord for having been raised from the depths of this dunya to the light that is Islam.

He has become humble before his Lord, thankful to still be alive at age fifty-five

He bows down with those who bow down and has never missed his five.

For Allah he is still a soldier
without fear and in the Army
of Allah the Mujahideen proclaim takbir

©Habib Abu Lateef


1. Shaitan: The devil.
2. Taughoot: Anything that one pledges an oath to other than Allah. Such as a flag, patriotis, obedience to tyrants or idols etc.
3.Zaqoom: A tree found in Hell with fruit that is poisoness and resembles the heads of serpents from which the inhabitants of Hell will be forced to eat.
4.Deen: Way of life, sometimes translated as religion.
5.Jaheem: One of the names of Hell.
6.Shahadah: Giving testimony and/or bearing withness in Islamic Monotheism.
7.Dunya: This earthly materialistic existence.
8.salaat: The Five daily prayers required to be performed by each Muslim.
9.Mujahideen: Those who struggle and strive in the Ways of Allah by every available lawful method.
10.Takbir: To say Allah is Great

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Kill at Will