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Broken Things Are Beautiful

WAITING ON THE WORLD (March/February 2021 poetry)

Little Bundle I Call Joy

the wonder that always shall be...

Have You Ever... (DECEMBER 4/2021)

Still, More Time NOV 6 2021


If It Does Them Any Good At All 11/16/2021 date/time stamped

Stray Cats and I have an understanding... 11/23/2021 copyright

Cat's Speach

Wishing Them Onto Better Days

Seize This Day, The One You're With

Only Grief....


The Stars Go Out

Soothe (re-edited 1:40Pm 8/17/21 for clarity for me as a five year old)

early wake-up conversations...before the coffee's poured

Only The Lonely.... (its not about what you may think...)

And The Next, And The Next..... (written directly to page, will return later for edits)

My Truth Is Out There (re-edited for clarity of thought and image later)

The Better Poem

Crimson Crush (Re-edited and Mispellings Corrected 6/11/2021)

The Last Shall be Trace-less 5/25/2021

Beware When The White Night Calls // re-edited 5/25/2020

BUYING LIES 5/22/2021

The Future I'm Caught Up In...RE-EDITED 5/22/2021


Cool Pea-Green New Leaves....(Imaginarium)

Sharp Sticks For The Cinderella's

Someone Send Out A Search Party

It No Longer Surprises Me...

Odd Things, Odd Thing.....

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Patch-Worked Trilogy

Our Life Stories Come In Separate Acts
--The First, The Middle And The Last.

Individual Tales, Smaller Pieces To Devise
A Grander Theme--
Joined In A Quilt,
Sewn Together To Fill-In The Seams.

(Ah, Those "Seems."}

A Sum Total. And Nothing's Negated.

legal copyright for this poem/ditty
written 6:51 AM PST June 11th 2020 time/date stamped
and also for this writer Melissa A. Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted AND registered site title
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-A-World c

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