MY EXODUS (My Homeless Testimony) by JudyLea

Testimony of My Exodus to Help You with Yours! by Judylea
The most recent testimony is my wilderness experience that is very timely for all God's people for preparation of what is upon us which includes a "Big Exodus!" The testimonies involve the faithfulness of the Father in supernatural miracles, provision, protection, direction, revelation, divine connections in a homeless type experience as I followed the Holy Spirit into unknown territory.
This particular wilderness experience began in 2014 a month or 2 after the Holy Spirit led me to prophetically open an envelope and pull out an invitation and then had me turn left (during worship) and say "against the grain." Well that is exactly what happened. I operated outside the system! "God gave me the biggest test I had ever experienced when I thought my 35 year desert and healing experience was over. This was a whole new assignment and training ground. I found myself homeless, but under his wings. This was with in a few months of a brother telling me I was an Abraham and my kid’s were my Isaacs.
Although I did not understand what was going on at first, I had faith it was all for a purpose and that God was in control. It was not comfortable in the least but was well worth the journey. I first began to realize, through prophetic words and divine connections that I was a messenger of truth for the Father. (Amos 3:7) One of the main messages was for brothers and sisters from California, New York and Florida, sharing the vision and warning Word Holy Spirit gave my child when he was 10 years old in 2012. (Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17) Holy Spirit set up car rides with local visitors that were from, or headed to California mainly, or had family there. He had me share and then pray for them. (Please see this video on the front middle page of our website at (10 year old vision California))
Beside from being told "you are a messenger-take it seriously" God also utilized my gifts of intercession, watchman on the wall, discernment and prayer evangelism as he trained me, fed me, protected and continued healing me. There were a couple of cases where He encouraged me to share tools He taught me through years of study in communication, and healing from dysfunctional relationships and more. I was and am an American missionary with out the aid of big organizations; I was blessed with a few friends and family that kept me in prayer and were an ear when needed and were and are a great blessing through a financial gift here and there. God also blessed me through unlikely sources and miracles. When things would feel overwhelming, I would borrow computer and hop online to a zaps intercessory group that has sincere prayer warriors from all over the world ready to lift-up your need or family members need.
Some of the messages that have continued since 09 are the awareness and warning of the vaccine genocide and mark of the beast, Red Double Cross planning to give the vaccines out and chip and hall off Christians to FEMA camps. Hearing Holy Spirit say Beast/Obama when reading Revelation 13 and hearing America when reading Jerimiah 50, 51 and Revelation 17-18 (back and forth religious Babylon=Vatican Roman Catholic Church and America)
(Please see the detailed revelation since 09 can be found in video "Mark of Beast (2) in middle of the website mentioned here:
Jesus also revealed (during this journey) that in September of 2015 "Yom Kippur" the NWO began when Obama and Pope met in Europe and then White house in Washing D. C. Jesus said, to a prophet I know and confirmed many times, that, that is when things began and it would be quiet at first then escalate quickly. Another time, said "hit like a freight train." Things have been secretly unfolding for some time. We will not be in the dark if we are close to Him in the secret place listening to him over man. We are to be no part of the world but loving trusting God and allowing us to made ready for his return. He will not choose his bride out of Egypt. (the world) We are at the end of this age. We must wake up and be alert! (1 Peter 5:8,9.)
During the beginning of the process of the wilderness journey the Lord wanting me to study the churches of Revelation, 144000, 2 witnesses, and shared right away that I was church of Philedelphia which turned out to also be the "first fruits" and the 144000. The two witnesses are two companies of witnesses. This in the beginning was very controversial but, I studied it and checked out other people’s articles in the but, it was through the Word and with the Holy Spirit that these revelations were opened up to me. More on that at in my you tube videos: "Channel Jesus is Coming" or articles ahead.
In the first year, I stayed a couple of nights with a sister in Grand View Mo. who gave me a couple of books on Feasts of the Lord and the significance of them for today in the seasons of events. God confirmed their importance and significance when this sister and I celebrated "Rosh Hashana" and I danced with flags and praised the lord along with online ministry "Glory of Zion" The next morning my tennis shoes that had two sets of shoestrings were tied perfectly to a tee and I could not duplicate it though I tried. An angel tied my shoes! What did this mean? I am still not totally sure except that heaven was released in the living room that night before. Obviously celebrating the Feast had some significance and maybe the walk that would follow.
Moving on, during this journey after Grand View there were a few other places the Lord led me and I had the opportunity to make a website that would contain a letter regarding "Judgement on America" and later I added videos on the 3 days of darkness that would be revealed by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God and confirmed through other prophets Online such as our sister on You Tube "channel Seho Song" (sister Gwendelyn Song). This is a sincere sister who right now is wearing literal sack cloth and traveling to places in America as Holy Spirit leads and they deliver message of repentence and deep warnings of repentance and revelation from God. (Please see her video and mine on the website and the scripture page will give the scripture, Holy Spirit continues to reveal.) (I will share on International Prayer Room just ahead)
I stayed with a couple that were intercessors and were to pray for the city of Bell Mo. to come against fear of man and to pray for supernatural goshan that would be supernaturally protected and a place of refuge and would have teachers and more there. Since that time I was praying with a sister who had a dream of a magnificent place that also sounded like a goshan. Again our sister Gwendelyn Song also has had words from the Father on goshans at the time of tribulation. I had another family member dream of this place and in prayer the Lord Jesus confirmed this place to us.
Moving on, God had me use weapons of spiritual warfare he had previously taught me. At the beginning of my homeless journey, one time when hungry and tired I hadn't slept and had no money, the Lord placed in my spirit and told me I knew what to do. I was tired but "I called it forth as though it was" and sat at a table and thanked him for the meal. At that moment it showed up through a passerby that I gave a rain check to that week on the shuttle. We live by faith not by sight! Thank God for the need in advance. No matter how it looked or felt, I knew I could never come in agreement with defeat even when my heart was raw and racked with pain. I knew I was allowed to cry and release and heal but I had no choice but to stand in faith.
I soon learned the Lord was continuing to show me "forward observer" type revelation that began in 2009 and it continued in the wilderness journey. The Father showed me false prophets, traps, snares, deceived ministries and the plots against God's children, especially his people, and the homeless weak and poor.
The Lord sent me periodically to orphans and widows that were family that normally would not invite me to stay and in the following case almost all the grandchildren and children didn't want me there to care for this family member but they were in no position with their jobs and families. Yahweh made me available to help his orphans and widows while I was provided for and was continuing to be set up with messenger assignments at stores or errand runs.
In one instance I was in the "Harvey Hurricane" in Houston, I know God had me there not only to care for a previous husbands elderly mom in her healing time after a fall, but also interceding for her and her adopted teen. During the storm Holy Spirit had me get on my knees when the sheets of rain were filling the yard and say: "Lord you are my refuge, no disaster will come near my tent." Psalm 91:7 -The rain immediately stopped to a trickle. Praise the Almighty!!! In the plagues we must not fear but walk in our authority declaring and decreeing the Word of Truth of God, no matter how it feels on the inside! I also knew through this journey that much time in worship and prayer was essential to stay afloat the sea of uncertainty. I had to stay close to my best friend and body guard.
I am now coming out of the wilderness leaning on my heaenly husband but still not allowed to become apart of Egypt (the world) or sign anything that ties me to it. I stay in a week to week place where I have watched the Holy Spirit set up messenger and prayer evangelism appointments still where I live and work part time in an area of a lot of drugs and broken children of God, well as demons and warfare. He has me clean moveouts not only physically but spiritually. God continues in a big way to have things show up or are left behind..things I just prayed for.
God has been separating wheat and tare and there is about to be a "Big Exodus" where all the children must worship in spirit and truth in the wilderness as God destroys the wicked plots and satanic systems (Revelation 12:9, 2 Corinthians 4:4, 2 Corinthians 11:14) Red Cross is signed up with the churches and the antichrist is also at IHOP and the Churches.
God has a special walk for each one. I found that serving the Lord in ministry in this hour did not look like what most of his children think it's suppose to look like. They stayed in the world when He was calling them to follow Him in ministry of the one. It is more like what Jesus did and his apostles. They were scorned, judged and looked... well not like part of the world. Much time is spent with the Father, Yeshua/Jesus and the Holy spirit in the secret place and out of that intimacy and his presence he leads to individual assignments in evangelism and love and messages of truth to individuals by His design. He continues to mold us in His image. However I believe in the spirit many have crossed over to a spiritual promise land Joshua 1:11(the first fruits)and have been trained but now God will infuse with His power and use them to help others in their healing, call and purpose for the last preaching work. I believe the comet fragments, California earthquake and more will all hit like a freight train as Jesus said.
This covet19 is the same as the swine flu agenda attempted 10 years ago, but God had his intercessors on it, for it wasn’t time. We must trumpet the judgement at hand and at the same time praise and dance, sing unto the Lord and release His glory on earth. It’s time for the church to wake up and come out of the wicked systems of lies into the promises of God. Hallaluyah!!
There are many more stories and miracles on the wilderness journey that revealed mysteries of God and showed His faithfulness in every situation.
Do not fear unless you do not know God. That can be remedied quickly by asking Yeshua/Jesus (in english) to come into your heart and repent of your sins and living separate from him and give your life fully to Him. See more: The Good News! ( or
Our Weapon: Outside of clean hands, pure heart, clear conscious and Love is worship our weapon. Worship in spirit and in truth!!! In the wilderness it will be outside of mixing with Babylon. Of course unity is essential. But God himself will bring us together not by organization. That will be the false religion that has a facade of love. We cannot compromise. We can love all but "Jesus is the way, the Truth and the Life, the ONLY WAY to the Father." John 14:6
I woke recently hearing, "Debora summoning the troups" -While in the wilderness and training journey the Holy Spirit continued to teach me praise prayer and prophetic intercession (especially through the dance) It is my call in this hour to help others learn how to fight in the spirit and teach them to teach others.
We all have gifts that the Lord been training us in. He is purifying and making us ready for His return and the last preaching work. The bride has made herself ready (first fruits-church of Philadelphia-barley) but the wheat, the rest of the church and world is about to be shaken and awakened. This is the hour of testing. Our trust must be in Christ alone. Once many disappear (Isaiah 57) and the mark of the beast is mandated (Note: God has revealed it is in the vaccines as well as right hand and forehead) and all breaks loose, no one can go back into systems of any kind or trust anyone. I woke up hearing last week If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and repent of their wicked way I will hear them and forgive them and heal their land. (2 Chron. 7:14) The Lord has to tear down the idols and uproot the tare (Matthew 13:30)
There is about to be a suddenly and many that have been in training along time in the wilderness (the first fruits) will be vessels of God’s refreshment and light to the world. They will become a general in a moment and will be able to help those awakening and forced out of Babylon or take the mark of the beast.
God is coming for a bride without spot and wrinkle and it is through the fire they will be refined. The Lord has continued to show me through His Word that he is going to do an amazing feat of saving the righteous as He destroys the wicked by making them fall into their own pit they created for us.(Psalm 97:10) Esther 1:9.Proverbs 2:22) Glory to God the Father, Glory to the Son, Yeshuah and Glory to the Holy Spirit! All 3 are one!
So, trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding and in all your ways acknowledge him and He will make your path straight! (proverbs 3:5,6) Call out to God in the secret place and remember that whoever asks receives, and he who seeks finds and to him who knocks, it will be opened. (Matthew 7:8) Be strong and courageous and yet humble and submitted to the one who created and loves you. Letting go of the familiar is not comfortable but will be well worth the ride. This journey will lead you to your true love, yourself, and your destiny (Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:28) Keep your eyes on the unseen not the seen. Put on your armor and use your spiritual sword soldier! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! (Philippians 4:13)
Sister and servant, JudyLea

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