The Life Of A Fallin Rose

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 No longer pressured nor under attack, getting behind the wheel without catching flack or feeling guilty with the wind at my back.
Finally, I'm free to start the journey and go to find myself.
No longer living up to expectations of the others. I don't have to be or look perfect for everybody.I don't have to take in to account the perception of anyone.
Without a single care, my heart feels as light as air.
No longer must I ponder if I could or should wonder. Now after all these years the cage is open, I'm stepping out.
I'm free to feel the grass beneath my bare feet once more. Weaving flowers in my hair, the page has turned.
So many lessons have I learned. No longer is my need to create stifled, stones & herbs in my pocket.
No longer a reason to hide them away in a locket.
Looking with wonder at the beauty that surrounds still unable to articulate how it astounds me.
No longer must I push down my unceasing pleasure in just being outside, touching every living thing.
No longer forced to be anything but me. 

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