A Soldier's Protest

For more than four hundred years you have caused rivers of tears to flow from my mother's heart,

You have attenpted to put an end to me, beating me to death, stretching my neck from the branch of a tree,

Looting my life by the choke hold or the knee,

SeemIngly, only through death am I freed from your animous and brutality,

Due to the hue of my skin, historically, you have never treated me as a friend.

If I am a lawless savage and a monster ... I'm the one that you created.

That muscular nearly seven foot tall as solid as a steel reinforced wall

Three hundred pound nigga that you have always admired, feared and hated.

To my people you have shown justice of no kind, I've got murder on my mind.

At the thought of me you become scary because you know of

The skills that I learned and mastered serving in your military,

Did you not think that I would protest ... by utilizing my military best

Did you think that I would forever allow you to kill my kind ... I got murder on my mind,

Habib Abu Lateef

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A Soldier`s Protest