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(This is my Granddaughters first poem at 5years old.
I asked her who her favorite people, and moments to share)

"Hugs and smiles
Puppy dogs and popsicles
my baby brother, my Father and Mother
My Grandma and Grandpa,
sends our hugs and smiles,
many miles
So smile with me
 You will be happy 

By: Ellie Marie
  Ist poem @age 5

My reply to Ellie, 

I love your hugs and smiles,
whether near or far
You're always brighter than the brightest star
To you and your brother, Father Mother
Oh, yes and Grandpa too, are always in my heart
and send my hugs when we are apart
We have a smile for each other from the very start

Love Always

 ©All'seasonseverse and Ellie Marie June, 21st 2020

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Hugs and Smiles