The Other amerikkkan Flag

Racist near and far
Overfed failed TV stars
In lies everyday caught
Make amerikkka white and great
Hate driven thoughts
Impotent Stars and Bars and burning police cars
The losers of the Confederacy still fighting a war that tore white ameriKKKa apart
Eleven hate filled Southern States maddend beyond reason
Conspired then committed the ultimate act of treason
Minatory is the majority regurgitating bigoted oratory
Basking in failed glory
General Lee's surrender ended the story
An inclination towards futile resistance at Trump's insistence
Dumb dumb dumb dumb
At the hands of the Union you were over come
Rebels in a failed cause now feeling their savior has come
What have the red states won
Swastikas, white hoods and camouflage
Believing in a mirage but the South will Never rise

Habib Abu Lateef,


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The Other amerikkkan Flag