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  Richard Sherrer

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As you have always obeyed,
Not only in my presence;
Reassured that you have not strayed,
A servant in my absence.
Work out your own salvation,
Amongst your trembling and fear;
A spiritual foundation,
Knowing that the Lord is near.
It is God who works in you,
To work for His good pleasure;
Your will remains to be true,
Knowing He holds your treasure.
You fulfill His good purpose,
Doing without disputing;
His Spirit as your compass,
No question or refuting.
Be blameless and innocent,
Child of God unblemished;
And being munificent,
For life is always cherished.
This is a perverse nation,
As we are the shining light;
In a dark generation,
That walks around in the night.
We hold fast unto the Word,
So that in the day of Christ;
To be proud what I have heard,
And to God to be enticed.
I did not labor in vain,
Nor in vain I ever ran;
But suffering in the pain,
Following God and His plan.
For if I poured out a drink,
A sacrificed offering;
For my faith I start to think,
In Christ I am treasuring.
I am glad as I rejoice,
While you have joy with me;
The joy that lifts up your voice,
Giving you insight to see.

Copyright © 2020 Richard Newton Sherrer

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