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White Paper
Date: 6/12/20
Subject: How to erase history
Author: Jackie R. Kays
First you choose what period of history you want to erase. This time, we are going to erase the Southern Confederacy of the United State and all its participation in the Civil War.
We must destroy all remembrance and tributes to the people and events that occurred during this period of history, this would include the following.
All statues inside of buildings and outside, all photos, paintings, murals, newspaper pictures, stories, poems, and flags regarding the war. Burn all books that mention the war. Destroy all personal diaries, journals, and records of the war. Destroy all solder’s tombstones in cemeteries throughout the South. Change the name of all buildings including schools that are named for Confederate officers of the war. Change all names of military installations named for Confederate Officers. Now the question that must be answered…how much history have we changed?
Definite answer: Not one damn iota!!
Nothing in this world can change one moment of history!
Only damn fools keep trying!

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How to erase history!