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Congratulations Go Out To You

Ticking time so fickle to pass
To turn back never but alas
Passage of time creates anew
A page unwritten for all you do

So raise your head up to the sky
Keep your spirit soaring high
Choose the path you want to take
And leave unpleasantness in it's wake

Though year 2020 did swiftly halt
We know it's not through your own fault
We all succumbed to its hard intrusion
A pandemic with world wide inclusion

You came through at any rate
Finished school to graduate
You have made your family proud
And with bright future are endowed

We've watched you grow and to shine
Your determination is a sign
That you'll succeed in all you do
Congratulations go out to you

6/30/20 For my granddaughters high school graduation

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Congratulations Go Out To You

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