Spoken Lies

" I Love you" he said, with lies upon his tongue,

"I love you too!" she replied, not knowing things were wrong,

His eyes looked at her but it was not she he saw,

And her, should know because she's been here before.

But lust took over, like clouds in the sky,

Red flags were there but she turned a blind eye,

Her heart was flying, with it's own special wings,

Loving him was easy, like a bluebird as it sings.

He felt different, infact he felt nothing at all,

He had no intention of catching her, whilst helping her fall,

Why did he do it? What was he hoping to gain?

Why pretend to be her sunshine, when he was her rain?

Whilst he was building an ark ready for the upcoming flood,

Did it boost his ego? Did it make him feel good?

She was building a future, a dream coming true,

He was elsewhere; if only she knew.

The truth is better than the hurt of a lie,

It's like someone breaking your wings whilst watching you fly,

why can't he be honest, she deserves the truth,

Why let her waste her time, her life, her youth?!

Vicki Wroe, 30 (C)

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Spoken Lies

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