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A birthday wish for Laura

There is something profoundly tempting about

Writing imagery and verse for a lady, like a hot

Summer day that gives way to a warm summer

Moon, skin glistening, hardly a stitch, dancing

Impossibly close or, her chaperone looked away

For a moment and in that time their lips met,

Drawn by the bewitching melody of celebration

Wherein, hearts mingle and thoughts trespass,

For the duration of a poem dedicated to a very

Special friend.


A kiss sent by moonlight from a heart far away,

A forget-you-not message to mark your birthday,

You might think I’d forget, but a promise was made,

So I counted the months and I’ve counted the days.

There is much about moonlight to pleasure the earth,

A soft light, to highlight, a beautiful girl,

A moonlight confession, a starlight embrace,

A first kiss on a journey to Now and Always.

Look to the stars on the night of your birth,

Stand in the light as it hurries to earth,

It will bathe you in fortune, wrap you in love,

Shower you in happiness, health and good luck.

Happy Birthday Laura

© Joseph G Dawson