My heart still needs time to heal

Everyday is like a raging war
On the opposing sides of my mind
Going back and forth,
Neither holding the high ground for long.

They say you should forget it,
They say you should just stop,
They say just want us "fools"
To give you some love you don't deserve.

I'm trying to heal
My battered heart
Trying to comfort
What is wailing and weeping.

It is no easy thing to do,
When you have lost so much
And for some reason you feel alone,
Feeling as if there is no one you can trust.

For every time it seems that I trust,
I lose more of myself in the process,
And end up farther behind,
From where I had started out.

No matter what I seem to do,
I always ended up pushing others away,
To prevent them from seeing my pain and despair,
Even though they were the ones I needed most.

My mind keeps flipping,
My moods are swinging,
And my heart has no beat to follow,
Barely keeping me alive.

Everyday passes me by,
Breaks my heart more,
My mind and soul unable to heal,
Unable to remain as a defense.

For the battle here rages,
Beating up my mind,
Ripping apart my soul,
And wounding my heart,
From all the emotional and physical damage done.

I keep attempting to patch the wounds,
But with each powerful infliction,
My life and light grows dimmer
Soon my light will have been blown out....

So reader, whoever you might be.
I am in great need of your assistance,
Please lend out a helping and healing hand,
Even if I may say no.

I feel like I'm drowning,
I am in immense pain.
My light will only last a few more blows...
Then I will be gone forever from this world.

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My heart still needs time to heal