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To Live or Die

I have been shut up in this house for over 5 months.
"Why?" you may ask
Because there is a pandemic in our Country and there is no leadership to guide us.
"For Gods sake, Why?"
Because we have an individual who thinks he knows everything. The first 3 months. he ignored
that there was anything wrong. "Oh its just a flu, it will go away on its own" or "its
all a hoax." Is he trying to kill us all? He is now over 125,000 human beings dead already, and still he
refuses to face reality. This is not a flu, it is a killer.
He spends more time on Twitter sending out the most ignorant statements of accusations, falsehoods.
Most of his statements bear no logic and are hateful statements. No president would utter, much less
He is so wrapped up in his own reality that he ignores ours. He feels he is above the law and
chooses individuals who follow him without a mind of their own. Is this man trying to become
dictator of this country? He does not govern, he only tears thing down that he feels are useless,
even though they protect a lot of people. This is not my country anymore.
He has done nothing for this country or the people, only his base. Doesn't he realize we
out number his base?
Well, One thing is certain, with all the stupidity about the Pandemic, he will catch it
one day, and for the sake of this country, I hope it kills him and he can join the 125,000 and
counting people he has killed.
As for me, I choose to live, so I will continue to keep myself at home and safe, Thank you.
I choose to live, so I may vote him out, preserve our freedom, protect the Constitution of the
United States, to ensure that only a President who is qualified is voted into office. One who will recognize that,
WE THE PEOPLE still run this Country through our qualified and Voted representatives into office to represent us, not someone
who thinks he is above the Law of the Land. I choose to live so I may vote, and hope my vote is the same as
everyone else in this country.

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To Live or Die