A cape of sadness hung from her shoulders,
Weighing the equivalent of a thousand boulders,
A shadow attached, it followed in silence,
And from behind it became her guidance.

Her head became heavy, her heart was numb,
As vulnerable as a child who sucked it's thumb,
Yes she spoke out but she felt nobody listened,
Locked up in chains in her very own prison

Her eyes were empty, though they were awake,
Her strength was fraying, ready to break,
But still nobody took notice, they didn't even ask,
They just saw the smile she wore like a painted on mask

Why did she feel so alone in the world?
She had family and friends, she was a lucky girl.
But something was wrong, she felt so misplaced,
Everyday a new struggle that she had to face.

And one day it was harder, this desperation she felt,
Life wasn't kind when it came to the hand she was dealt,
And on this morning, she could no longer cope,
She escaped from her prison with a chair and a rope.

She left the world, her suffering was no more,
But her family felt pain like never before.
'Why?' They asked, didn't she just talk?
Why did she decide to fly instead of continuing to walk?

Her cape of depression, her shoes made of lead,
The days when she struggled even to leave her bed,
Her silent cries for help that went so unheard,
Made her become to desperate with the things that she feared.

If only they'd noticed, but they were not to know,
She worked so hard not to let her sadness show.
And with her memories left behind for family to keep,
She rests easily now in her eternal sleep.

Vicki Wroe, 30 (C)

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