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Growing is Painful

To live free physically is also to live free mentally
We must understand that we live in an imperfect world
For us to really be free, we must accept what is imperfect
that is what real freedom is, to accept our imperfect self

We are an imperfect species and a non-forgiving one
We tend to carry our grievances' a long way
We don't allow ourselves to wisely mature
That is why it takes us centuries to do so

We are a young country and we need to mature to keep up with others
We need to take the lessons of older countries and learn
We need to catch up to their maturity to be on an equal level
So we need to accept our countries imperfections to do so

Accepting ourselves is the first step to maturing our country
This Country is a diverse one and requires the maturity of everyone
The people deserve to live in safety and harmony
That is what mature and wise countries do, consider the rights of all people

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Growing is Painful